Art Stands by Me was founded by Natalie Ventimiglia, a Denver-based glass artist. We provide high quality art products and display stands to all art lovers and creatives. Natalie has extensively studied Space Energy Optimization and provides home decor and art that will manifest your desired energy within your home or work space.

Natalie began as a glass artist looking for her voice in the art world. Through exploring her spirituality, she was awakened to the world of energy and vibration. With the foundation of energy being the basis of all things, she was able to incorporate that principle into her art practice. When imbuing the art with a specific intention, she is able to manipulate the energy of the environment and, in turn, the people who occupy that space. Through self-reflection and self-actualization, she discovered that every detail of your surroundings subconsciously affects you whether you are aware of it or not. We named the company Art Stands by Me because art subconsciously influences your reality. Over the ages, art has been turned into a luxury item when, in reality, surrounding yourself with beauty is essential to our happiness and evolution.

We believe art is a portal to higher consciousness. Your perspective of art is a reflection of your perspective on life. Each piece holds the space for you to see a perspective of yourself and gives you clues or glimpses of what you need to know now. As you shift, so does the art. Our art doesn't stay static. It evolves with you to help you see something different over time. When you see something different, it means you have shifted too. Be open to seeing what the art wants to tell you, as it is a message from your Higher Self.

The vibration of everything that we sell is intentionally raised to the frequency of Love or above.

 To uphold our goal of supporting the arts, we donate 1% of all Art Display Stand sales to La Napoule Art Foundation.

Thank you for standing by art!